Franchise Inquiry

Why Partner with Saffron
1. Support and Training
2. Exclusive merchandise
3. Attractive returns
4. Growth


FOFO model (Franchise Owned Franchise Operated)
As a franchisee you will bear the capex and operational expenses
ECPL will be responsible for all advertisements and promotions


Deposit the rent (IFRSD) to the store's landlord
Interiors on actuals is executed by Saffron
Refundable Stock Deposit of Rs. 1500/SFT on Carpet Area (Refundable at the end of the tenure)
Stock will be sent to the Franchisee on "Sale or Return" basis


Rent + CAM + HVAC
Salaries - No. of staff as per ECPL directions
Credit Card Commission
Miscellaneous & other incidental expenses


Step 1: Do your Research/Site Selection
• Your first step into the Saffron franchise system is to read through the franchise presentation that you have received. Fill in the application form in order to proceed to the next stage.

Step 2: Visit to the Headquarters
• Once we receive your application, we will introduce you to the Saffron franchise system and give you an overview of the business, to understand your level of interest in owning a Saffron franchise, territory availability and initial qualifications.

Step 3: Interior Budgeting
• A comprehensive interior budget cost will be shared. Approximate budget towards interiors will be given by Saffron . We will send the final plans along with the budget.

Step 4: Signing of the MOU and making deposits
• Fill in the MOU documents. All deposits mentioned in the MOU have to be received by Saffron for the initiation process of the fit-out work.

Step 5: Review of the Franchise Agreement
• We will share the detailed terms and conditions in the franchise agreement draft for your review. The draft copy will be emailed and the hard copy will be sent for your signatures.

Step 6: Staff Recruitment & Training
• HR team will work closely with you to review the CV, conduct interview and choose the right staff. We will ensure that adequate training is given to your staff.

Step 7: The induction Programme
• Franchise Induction Programme will be conducted at the headquarters.